Galaxy DX-2547 help with low SSB output

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Galaxy DX-2547 help with low SSB output


Post by adamf »

Hi all, so a while ago I posted about low output on my DX-2547 and was not able to get too far so I retested the radio today and find that on AM my output is about 3 watts dead key and swings to 17 watts or so which is fine but on SSB I can only get up to about 10 watts with full modulation, I used to get well over 20 watts. . I have adjusted VR13 but this is the best I can get. I have the dual mosfet IRF520's and I replaced them but no help and my AM output seems good so just an issue with SSB output. I do not have a scope but I have a good DVM and not afraid to test or try anything, any help out there?

Thanks for listening.

Adam in Florida

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Sounds like a voltage issue, could be in the mode switch, could be a diode, could be a cap bleeding off.



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