need help with 2 antenna system

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need help with 2 antenna system

Post by fat boy » Thursday, 23 October 2014, 16:36 PM

I need measurements for a 2 antenna bounceback system using a 106 inch whip as a hot. This is a 2014 ram 2500 with a service body the whip is mounted evem with the box tops

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Re: need help with 2 antenna system

Post by Mr707 » Monday, 13 February 2017, 13:30 PM

did you ever get that done good buddy ? I have same truck mine is the Hemi 5.7 -----Anyway that trucks body is on rubber well the cab is and the bed actually sits about a centimeter from frame like gee whizz High SWR city so I got cheap good ground strap from ebay and started strapping everything together no joke dont be shy well the hood is fiberglass but bed to cab fenders to doors and underside of the truck every couple feet put a strap from frame to cab and work your way all the way back to the bed of truck keep strapping it to the frame I welded the bed to the frame all the way around LOL and wrapped 30 feet of stripped house hold copper cord around the frame same amount on both sides I have a good SWR now and dont have any problems when playing with the big boys I also have some grade 61 ferrite beads placed on specific things but somebody told me its not your power but its your ground power how much ground you got LOL just saying watch that specific vehicle when running a lot of power did you tune each antenna alone first is it on a rail on roof top good buddy

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