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Keydown rules and classes

This section is about Keydown Competition rigs or high performance competition base setups. If you have questions or information on how to maximize a competition setup, this is the place !

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Keydown rules and classes

Post by Pineknot » Saturday, 14 June 2014, 7:13 AM

I'm looking for info on what all different classes are in a keydown.
Also what are the rules for each class?

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Re: Keydown rules and classes

Post by 543FtWorth » Saturday, 14 June 2014, 7:49 AM

Not really much to it. You key in classes. 2 pill 4 pill 8 pill etc.... You can key a smaller amp if you want. Say you wanted to key in the 8 pill class and you only have a 6 pill.

The antenna system is what wins it. About the only rule is your driven elements have to be 1/4 wave. I think the vehicle has to be able to move with the vehicle with the antennas mounted up. Different events could have different rules. Generally 1/2 wave antennas aren't allowed

Other than that don't cheat. People try to hide larger amps in the vehicle. Some have built double layer amps with pills on the bottom side of the heatsink. I've saw a 4 pill boards that fit in a cobra 29...not a lot of duty cycle :lol: I've heard of guys running 28 volt Motorola pills and putting little Smiley face stickers on them to pass them off as 2879s.

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Re: Keydown rules and classes

Post by Crusher » Sunday, 14 September 2014, 3:20 AM

They did that with 50v pills as well years ago. Why do you think some shoot outs check voltage just before a KeyDown. LOL. Muscleman did that back in the 80's.

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