help. making a bigger mobile setup. whats your opinion

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help. making a bigger mobile setup. whats your opinion

Post by duramax » Friday, 28 February 2014, 21:28 PM

I have one truck setup with a cobra 29 done up with a old texas star 667 turbo mod two thirds kilowatt. And wanting to set up my 05 chevy duramax. 1st option galaxy 93t into a davemade 6 or 8 pill. 2nd option set up another cobra 29 and a davemade 6 or 8 pill .or 3rd the 93t into a texas star dx1600. Already have 2 battery and a 250 amp altanator and #2 wire. I love talking skip and thought maybe get in a small key down. Also was gonna go with predator 10k antenna. So whats my best option.

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Re: help. making a bigger mobile setup. whats your opinion

Post by 543FtWorth » Friday, 28 February 2014, 22:34 PM

I'd stay with the 29 because unless it's modded heavily it produces a cleaner signal. You could sell what you have and buy a 2x8 (or a 2 pill driving an 8 pill) or put a 16 pill behind your 667. I like option 2 but with your wiring and alt you'll be lacking. Also consider the additional RF gremlins you might have to work out with a larger amp. A 1x4 is the best bang for the buck IMO going to an amp twice the size will get you another 1/2 s unit on the receiving end. You have to decide if it is really worth it.

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