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T hunting

This section is about Keydown Competition rigs or high performance competition base setups. If you have questions or information on how to maximize a competition setup, this is the place !

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T hunting

Post by finnmcclure » Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 21:29 PM

Does any one know if they sell a Radio Direction Frequency finder for the 26.965 - 27.405MHz channels? Is it possible to make one for under 100$?

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Post by drdx » Thursday, 01 January 2009, 13:43 PM

They used to sell small receive loops for cb that rode on top of your door glass. They were very inexpensive, like under $20. They were just a coax fed deal with a trimmer to tune the loop. A small loop like that is bi-directional and works great. I'm sure you can make one but look around fleabay or post on here that you're looking, I'm sure someone has one around. You'll also want to run a radio with an RF gain knob so you can cut back the receive as you close in, and maybe a coax switch, 3 position, to switch from your transmit antenna, to your receive antenna, and one that has nothing on it for close up tracking. Or, run a receive radio separate, so you don't accidently transmit into the loop or open spot. A simple setup like that, a map for trianulation, and a sense of direction can make you pretty deadly in the RDF department. On the vhf bands, I've seen guys use pseudo doppler deals but for this band the antennas are I'm sure too big to be practical and that would involve a lot more cash. -drdx

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