IRF 540 or 640 to upgrade IRF520

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IRF 540 or 640 to upgrade IRF520

Post by ZnsaneRyder » Saturday, 07 May 2016, 11:38 AM

I am upgrading a CB radio to make it more robust and durable. :bounce:

It has Eight IRF520 MOSFETS in it. Can I use Higher Rated IRF540 or IRF640 as upgraded replacements, or is the higher gate charge and speed of these MOSFETS an issue?

I have done a lot of searching on the web and get a lot of mixed or incorrect information.

I am VERY experienced in electronics, just starting in CB RADIO. I upgrade MOSFETS all the time in SMPS Power Supplies, but this would be my first CB or RF Upgrade project.

An actual technically informed answer is fine, no "I heard" or "I think"answers please........ :r&r:

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