Vanco Professional SWR/FS Meter

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Vanco Professional SWR/FS Meter

Post by BigBlue 442 » Friday, 04 May 2007, 19:45 PM


Product Name:Vanco Professional SWR/FS Meter
Product Model:Vanco Professional SWR/FS Meter
Product Overall Rating 5
Describe the product in a word or phrase?SWR/FS Meter

Comments:I received the meter from Sparky's 3 days after I order it as I have all the Items I have order from him.The meter was well packed in a box along with a 3 foot coax jumper.The meter has a metal case that feels heavy duty not like some of the plastic case meters that feel light and weak. The meter seems like it could take a few bumps and be safe. Everything is well marked which makes for ease of use. Straight forward design makes for an easy setup. Size would allow for use in a mobile setup with little room needed. The back of the case has insets for screws to allow it to be mounted yet removed with ease. All functions on the meter worked as I checked several radios that I have in my mobiles.The information sheet that came with the meter states that the meter can be left in line with power up to 1 kw. All in all I feel the meter is well worth the money. I will post a follow up in a few weeks as to how it preforms in the real world, but so far it looks like a solid piece of equipment.

What was included in the packaging? instruction sheet

What else was purchased to enhance or operate? 3 foot coax jumper

Was the equipment modified from stock?no

Who modified the equiptment.n/a


Overall Rating:5
RX TX:n/a
Features: straight forward no frills meter
Ease of Use:5
Value:5 (21.95 at sparky's)
Durability: 4.5

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