Worldwide MF-400 and Worldwide MF-80+ Rate 5

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Worldwide MF-400 and Worldwide MF-80+ Rate 5

Post by 85 » Thursday, 24 January 2008, 7:59 AM

Been using the combo for a couple of weeks and it performs as good or better than the other comp amps.
The MF-80 normally doesn't come with a built in fan but they custom built me one in a larger case.
The insides are perfectly assembled and soldered.
I am satisfied completely.

Output from what I've seen other similar comp amps do: 5
Build Quality: 5
Customer Service: 5 All my questions were answered quickly.
Durability: I'll let you know in a few months or years
Would I purchase from this company again?: Absolutely
Price: 5
Shipping charge: 5 very reasonable

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