cobra xl 500 amp

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cobra xl 500 amp

Post by busman » Saturday, 15 December 2007, 0:24 AM

well i finally got my cobra xl 500 amp from the other day. the roads (whats left of them ) are so messed up around here with mud slides and all it took awhile to get. to start with it was packed really well. the amp its self seems really well made. fit and finnish are good. so i goes about takeing one of my base set ups apart to install the amp. i got a uniden grant xl for one of my base rigs. its bone stock. i was running the grant into a mod-v into either my eastcoast 4 pill base or the fat boy 4 pill base. all this was doing a good job , i just wanted to try the cobra 500 because of the better filtering. so i swap out the modv for the cobra 500. it dont have a variable, it has a low- medium and high button. it has a ssb switch and a receive amp switch. and a on-off switch. all work very well. on low driving the cobra 500 with the stock grant i see 50 watts pep on a yaesu ys-60 meter. on medium i see about 145 watts pep, and on high i see about 280 watts. i could drive it with my 2980 but dont need to. i wanted this amp just for my grant. every one i spoke with said it sounded great. what i really like is on low, the 50 watt swing is perfect for useing it as a driver running into my fat boy ab1 base amp. this works perfectly and drives the fat boy to 700 watts. that is the recomended limit for the fat boy. i like the fact that i can just run the cobra for some extra kick and not pee the neighbors off. oh buy the way, the cobra 500 works really well on ssb to. the only thing i dont like on the cobra or any other rig is the screw togther fuse holder. BUTT, on the cobra 500 the brass contacts in side the fuse holder that the wires hooked to were soldered on the cobra. i looked. so they did build this little amp good. im very pleased with it so far. so i would say if your looking for a amp that would give your radio a little extra kick and have the ab2 filtering to give it a try.

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