Predator 10K 27" shaft 4.5

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Predator 10K 27" shaft 4.5

Post by BigBlue 442 » Sunday, 02 December 2007, 16:56 PM

I finally got my hands on a 10k and this is my first impression of it. The first thing I have to say is although this is a big antenna it is not as big as I heard it described. I thought I was going to end up with a small pipe tower on the roof, but that is not the case. The construction of the shaft and coil are all good quality everything fits together smooth and clean.Nothing on the antenna looks cheap or half done. The next step was the tuning. Now I have been told that the tuning of the 10k can be a bit tricky and I think the steps before you mount the antenna are key to its tuning. Proper placement, bonding, and grounding will all be key to the tuning of the 10k, if you have those right it will tune better faster. I built a custom mount for mine and it is basically a raiser off the bed rail of the truck behind the cab as many others have been using. After fixing a coax issue I mounted the 10k in place slid the stinger about half way into the holder and checked the SWR around 1.5 on CH 40 and 2.0 or so on CH 1 was the starting point and I thats not bad in my book for a starting point. After some fine tuning the 10k is now near flat (needle sits between nothing and 1.1) across the band. Now with the antenna tuned its time to mention the performance. The RX is nice a crisp I hear weak stations with ease and all others are 10-2. The one thing about the RX that impressed me the most was the lack of white noise (I do want to mention here I went from a magnet mount to a fixed mount antenna). The TX from this antenna seems to be on par with what I have been told (near flat tune= more signal out and less signal returned as loss). So for a first impression I would have to say the 10k is what you hear about it " a great set of ears and Its a 10K world". The fact that it will handle the High Watts is peace of mind as well. Time will tell how it handles and as I mention above I will update in 30 days.

What was included in the packaging? The main antenna and the stinger

What else was purchased to enhance or operate? rg8x coax, grizzly stud, and custom built mount

Was the equipment modified from stock? yes, trimmed about 1 1/2" from stinger to get flat tuning

Who modified the equipment. I did


Overall Rating:4.5

RX TX: 5/5

Features: 5 the antenna comes apart for easy replacement of single components

Ease of Use: 4 it can be tricky finding the sweet spot on the vehicle / the size can be a problem in some installs

Value:5 all the parts look worth the price it is well built and solid

Durability:4 I only say 4 because of the fact that if you forget its up there and find a low hanging limb it will be ugly. It would have been a 3, but because you can replace only the damaged pieces I gave it a 4

After a good week of Skip and general riding around I wanted to update my post on the Pred 10K. I do not hit nearly as much stuff as I thought I would and the 10K doesn't have the wind drag I thought it would have. This antenna continues to impress me in every way. As skip has been rolling in pretty steady the 10K has been up for the challenge and makes weak stations easy to hear and allows for more solid contacts. The 10K has stayed true in every way and this far in I say I am a fan. If you are on the fence with this one I would safely say go ahead you won't be disappointed. The Pred 10K is a solid antenna and in my opinion it does have a slight edge over the Wilson 5K (the antenna it replaced).

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