Uniden Bearcat ESP20 External Speaker - 5 Rating Excellent.

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Uniden Bearcat ESP20 External Speaker - 5 Rating Excellent.

Post by Johnny Relay » Friday, 26 October 2007, 14:12 PM


I ordered this item on the evening of Oct. 21st 07 (Sunday) from Sparky's CB Shack. It arrived to my home
on Oct. 26th 07 via USPS in a very nice package with a packing slip invoice attached. I could have purchased
this item from many other CB Shops closer to my home, however Sparky's shipping was half the cost even
though he is located further away in Illinois.

I opened the box and as I lifted out the Uniden Bearcat ESP20 External Speaker I noticed its weight. Nice and
heavy. It is constructed of a black plastic with nice thickness and it is obvious it will withstand some abuse and
will be very durable. On the back there is also a very nice heavy duty ratchet style mounting bracket. The front
grill is also heavy and is embossed with the foot print of a bears paw. It measures 4.5" X 4.5" X 2.12" deep which
will be ideal for mounting into the drivers headrest as I have planned. The power lead is also quality like the rest
of the speaker. I was hoping for a 90 degree 1/8 inch plug for the back of the radio since I have very little clearance however this one is straight. (Not a Big Deal). The power lead also is longer at 10' than with most other external
speakers at just 6'. Wire gauge size AWG 18.

Once connected to my radio it was obvious that this speaker was quality inside as well. Nice and clear audio from
the 4" Cone with a 6 ounce magnet and a frequency response of 300Hz to 5kHz. From low volume to medium and then
high, the speaker performs much better than my expectation without distortion at the higher volumes. I am very very pleased with my purchase and the product. Inside the package I found the speaker and Owners Manual (a leaflet) but
I was suprised they did not throw in a couple of average size mounting screws. (Not a Big Deal). The speaker is rated at 20 watts (maximum).

Features: 4....... (would like to see a tone control)
Ease of Use: 5
Value 5
Durability 5

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