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Title 95.673 Copy of rules.

This is a place to read about the rules and regulations set down by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding CB Radio.

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Title 95.673 Copy of rules.

Post by Phaze91460 » Sunday, 07 January 2007, 13:26 PM

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[Title 47, Volume 5]

[Revised as of October 1, 2005]

From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access

[CITE: 47CFR95.673]

[Page 549]


                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION


                         COMMISSION (CONTINUED)




                     Subpart E_Technical Regulations


Sec. 95.673  Copy of rules.

    A copy of part 95, subpart D, of the FCC Rules, current at the time 

of packing of the transmitter, must be furnished with each CB 

transmitter marketed.

[53 FR 36789, Sept. 22, 1988. Redesignated at 61 FR 28769, June 6, 1996, 

and further redesignated at 61 FR 46567, Sept. 4, 1996]

          Appendix 1 to Subpart E of Part 95--Glossary of Terms

    The definitions used in this subpart E are:

Authorized bandwidth. Maximum permissible bandwidth of a transmission.

Carrier power. Average TP during one unmodulated RF cycle.

CB. Citizens Band Radio Service.

CB transmitter. A transmitter that operates or is intended to operate at 

          a station authorized in the CB.

Channel frequencies. Reference frequencies from which the carrier 

          frequency, suppressed or otherwise, may not deviate by more 

          than the specified frequency tolerance.

Crystal. Quartz piezo-electric element.

Crystal controlled. Use of a crystal to establish the transmitted 


dB. Decibels.

EIRP. Effective Isotropic Radiated Power. Antenna input power times gain 

          for free-space or in-tissue measurement configurations 

          required by MICS, expressed in watts, where the gain is 

          referenced to an isotropic radiator.

FCC. Federal Communications Commission.

Filtering. Refers to the requirement in Sec. 95.633(b).

FRS. Family Radio Service.

GMRS. General Mobile Radio Service.

GMRS transmitter. A transmitter that operates or is intended to operate 

          at a station authorized in the GMRS.

Harmful interference. Any transmission, radiation or induction that 

          endangers the functioning of a radionavigation or other safety 

          service or seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly 

          interrupts a radiocommunication service operating in 

          accordance with applicable laws, treaties and regulations.

Mean power. TP averaged over at least 30 cycles of the lowest modulating 

          frequency, typically 0.1 seconds at maximum power.

Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) transmitter. A transmitter 

          authorized to operated in the MICS.

Medical implant device. Apparatus that is placed inside the human body 

          for the purpose of performing diagnostic or therapeutic 


Medical implant event. An occurrence or the lack of an occurrence 

          recognized by a medical implant device, or a duly authorized 

          health care professional, that requires the transmission of 

          data from a medical implant transmitter in order to protect 

          the safety or well-being of the person in whom the medical 

          implant transmitter has been implanted.

Medical implant programmer/control transmitter. A MICS transmitter that 

          operates or is designed to operate outside of a human body for 

          the purpose of communicating with a receiver connected to a 

          medical implant device.

Medical implant transmitter. A MICS transmitter that operates or is 

          designed to operate within a human body for the purpose of 

          facilitating communications from a medical implant device.

MICS. Medical Implant Communications Service.

MURS. Multi-Use Radio Service.

Peak envelope power. TP averaged during one RF cycle at the highest 

          crest of the modulation envelope.

R/C. Radio Control Radio Service.

R/C transmitter. A transmitter that operates or is intended to operate 

          at a station authorized in the R/C.

RF. Radio frequency.

TP. RF transmitter power expressed in W, either mean or peak envelope, 

          as measured at the transmitter output antenna terminals.

Transmitter. Apparatus that converts electrical energy received from a 

          source into RF energy capable of being radiated.

W. Watts.

[65 FR 60878, Oct. 13, 2000]

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