Title 95.411 May I use power amplifiers?

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Title 95.411 May I use power amplifiers?

Post by Phaze91460 » Sunday, 07 January 2007, 13:00 PM

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[Title 47, Volume 5]

[Revised as of October 1, 2005]

From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access

[CITE: 47CFR95.411]

[Page 530]


                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION


                         COMMISSION (CONTINUED)




               Subpart D_Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service


Sec. 95.411  (CB Rule 11) May I use power amplifiers?

    (a) You may not attach the following items (power amplifiers) to 

your certificated CB transmitter in any way:

    (1) External radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers (sometimes called 

linears or linear amplifiers); or

    (2) Any other devices which, when used with a radio transmitter as a 

signal source, are capable of amplifying the signal.

    (b) There are no exceptions to this rule and use of a power 

amplifier voids your authority to operate the station.

    (c) The FCC will presume you have used a linear or other external RF 

power amplifier if--

    (1) It is in your possession or on your premises; and

    (2) There is other evidence that you have operated your CB station 

with more power than allowed by CB Rule 10, Sec. 95.410.

    (d) Paragraph (c) of this section does not apply if you hold a 

license in another radio service which allows you to operate an external 

RF power amplifier.

[48 FR 24894, June 3, 1983, as amended at 63 FR 36610, July 7, 1998]

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