Title 95.402 How do I uee these rules

This is a place to read about the rules and regulations set down by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding CB Radio.

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Title 95.402 How do I uee these rules

Post by Phaze91460 » Saturday, 06 January 2007, 9:39 AM

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[Title 47, Volume 5]

[Revised as of October 1, 2005]

From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access

[CITE: 47CFR95.402]

[Page 527-528]


                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION


                         COMMISSION (CONTINUED)




               Subpart D_Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service


Sec. 95.402  (CB Rule 2) How do I use these rules?

    (a) You must comply with these rules (See CB Rule 21 Sec. 95.421, 

for the penalties for violations) when you operate a station in the CB 

Service from:

    (1) Within or over the territorial limits of places where radio 

services are regulated by the FCC (see CB Rule 5, Sec. 95.405);

    (2) Aboard any vessel or aircraft registered in the United States; 


    (3) Aboard any unregistered vessel or aircraft owned or operated by 

a United States citizen or company.

    (b) Your CB station must comply with technical rules found in 

subpart E of part 95.

[[Page 528]]

    (c) Where the rules use the word ``you'', ``you'' means a person 

operating a CB station.

    (d) Where the rules use the word ``person,'' the rules are concerned 

with an individual, a corporation, a partnership, an association, a 

joint stock company, a trust, a state, territorial or local government 

unit, or other legal entity.

    (e) Where the rules use the term ``FCC'', that means the Federal 

Communications Commission.

    (f) Where the rules use the term ``CB station'', that means a radio 

station transmitting in the CB Radio Service.

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