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Post by Cuz » Saturday, 09 January 2010, 0:44 AM

I am Dave from Raymond WA My spelling leaves a lot but I just never seam to get it. I have raised 3 grate young men and one young lady all still home execpt my oldest who is in job corp learning :bigsmurf: macanics. (proud of them all). I restore 50s through 70 cars and ride a 78 shovel head fx modified to fit my increasing butt size as age rapidly takes over. I like odd stuff as parts are more fun to locate. I rodded a 51 ply cranbrook, restored a 78 mustang 2 m1, a 66 ford fairlane, 72 maverick, 74 cougar xr7, an Irouq, a 68 and 69 rancheros, (kind of like them fond memory s of my youth) and am presently doing a 1975 ss elcamino for my wife. My dream ride is a 63 1/2 or 64 ford gal hard top rodded. One day I will find the right one at the right price. I drive a 97 bright amber matalic Mustang V6 BBK 4 inch cold air intake, headers, ac by pass pulley, 7mm throttle body, gasket ported heads short throw shifter and center force street strip clutch. probably a few add more but I don't want to bore (LOL) Got tired of down shifting on every hill. I also drive a Black 99 Silverado 1500 hd 4x4 with a 5.3 vortec (stock if you can believe that.) suspension drop of 4' front and 6 rear she has a cap with carpet kit and a vw rear seat heater.Stainless steal nurff bars chrome lower body pertection. Shell my wife drives a 94 Buick Lasabor v6 ugly and untouched. Trying to get her to pick a new car as hers has electrical problems. She has agreed but can not decide between the new ss camaro and the hot mustangs I learned a long time ago not to push her in any direction for my well being. I am retired and have a vast knowledge of automobiles. Hope you like me as I have be reeding and like you. I will post some pics when I can get to the big comp.

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Re: Hello

Post by SUBWAY » Saturday, 09 January 2010, 22:49 PM

Hello Dave and welcome to CBRT. Im glad youve been reading the post and enjoy it. I also enjoy reading the posts and looking at all the pics of peoples bikes and vehicles. There is also a lot of helpfull info on here about setting up and problem shooting of everything from cbs to cars to computers. Looking forward to seeing some of your rides.

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Re: Hello

Post by 231 » Saturday, 09 January 2010, 23:28 PM

Hi Dave and welcome to the forum. Wavin' a hand from just outside of the Portland area. :cheers:

I can understand why your wife would be having a hard time deciding, too. I know I would.

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