First SSB radio and DX contacts

New to using single sideband (SSB), or been doing it for years, ask your questions here or try to help those that are new

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First SSB radio and DX contacts

Post by Bigmac » Monday, 25 July 2011, 18:29 PM

Got my new 257HP in from sparky's last week, and since I have been talkin up a storm makin contacts from socal to florida and houston to south dakota. I'm running a Browning BR-140 antenna, which is a larsen type nmo antenna mounted to my front left fender on my '04 f150, swrs 1.4 at 1 and 40 and lower across the band. I never would have thought i'd have this much fun with a simple cb radio, but its freakin sweet, already searchin for a base and gettin my friends involved! 567 Joe out in Utah seems to be an easy day to day contact, our conditions must be perfect because even when theres no other dx i always seem to find him.
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Re: First SSB radio and DX contacts

Post by Thunder4299 » Thursday, 28 July 2011, 21:00 PM

Sounds like your having a ball.!. thats what it is all about. and about the base setup, any ideas what your looking for or have your eye on? 73's and hope to catch you around the band.

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Re: First SSB radio and DX contacts

Post by 231 » Thursday, 28 July 2011, 22:25 PM

Congrats on the DX. The 257 is one of my favorite exports. Don't know why other than their transmit audio it usually very good (IMHO). Don't blame you on the base station either. By far they are allot more fun than strictly mobile. But it's all about propagation. Local stuff can be allot of fun too by the way.

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