dual alts in 96 powerstroke

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dual alts in 96 powerstroke

Post by The Killer » Monday, 03 January 2011, 19:49 PM

just wondering if anyone is running dual alts or more in a powerstroke.. i would just like to see pics of the brackets .. i have a 275 single but it just isnt enough to run the driver,big box and truck.. so i would like to at like a 320 leece or something up to that level.. just need some ideas on mounting

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Re: dual alts in 96 powerstroke

Post by stronghands » Sunday, 09 January 2011, 9:11 AM

I have a 2000 Superduty, powerstroke that came factory with dual high-output alternators. When I bought the truck the build sheet said it had the "Ambulance package" in it. I guese to run all the lights and power needs associated with a rescue vehicle. Unfourtunatly at 160,000 miles they bolth went out , and it cost me $863. to have Ford replace them. Over $500. in parts alone for two alternators. My point is, If you want or need a dual setup you can order all the factory brackets and parts. or if you just want to see how they work, you could just look up a parts schematic for a 2000 powerstroke ambulance package. I will say this, I have never had to worry about power in my truck, even with radios, amps, lights ,inverter and my camper. I don't know how much this helps,but it may be a place for you to start.

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