SWR Mini Mag Antenna

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SWR Mini Mag Antenna

Post by 1 ADAM 12 » Monday, 09 June 2014, 18:34 PM

I have a Baofeng UV5R handheld radio. I purchased an OPEK brand VHF/UHF dual band mini mag mobile ham radio antenna to connect to my handheld Baofeng. I am going to put the mini mag antenna on the roof of my truck just to give it a try (didn't cost much so decided to see how it worked). The 9ft coax will connect to my handheld inside the truck. I noticed that the antenna can be adjusted with a set screw...just like a Wilson 1000 mag mount. I have never used an OPEK antenna and am wanting to know if this type of antenna is as sensitive as a normal CB antenna regarding SWR adjustment. I do not have an SWR meter that will connect to a SWR meter has the SO239 connections. Should I just put the antenna "half" way in the mount and call it good? Any thoughts?

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Re: SWR Mini Mag Antenna

Post by Radar-DLDN » Monday, 09 June 2014, 18:50 PM

Get a VHF SWR/watt meter and a male SMA to pl-259 adapter. You can find both of these fairly cheap at a hamfest if you can find one nearby, or online if that's not an option. You cannot use a CB SWR meter to measure VHF, review sites are full of hams that didn't know about this and swore that the antenna was a POS that they couldn't tune. The more honest ones sheepishly update their review when they realize their mistakes.

BUT... the UV-5R is fairly forgiving of SWR, so you can probably get by without tuning. Just remember that with only 5 watts output a 3:1 SWR will drop you to less than a barefoot CB. I say get the meter and get the most out of your setup.
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