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by maverick01
Saturday, 03 June 2017, 15:57 PM
Topic: National 10-4 get on your CB day
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Re: National 10-4 get on your CB day

President Jimmy Carter dedicated October 4th (10-4) as National Cb radio day in 1978. Yep, Jimmy did it. 10-4 Day Statement by the President. October 2, 1978 www_dot_presidency.ucsb_dot_edu/ws/?pid=29907 This year marks the 20th anniversary of Citizens Band radio. CB is now a widely used emergency ...
by maverick01
Saturday, 03 June 2017, 15:39 PM
Topic: Solar energy
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Re: Solar energy

Been running solar on the cheap. Got a Harbor Freight 45W Solar Kit with coupon for a mere $129 back in 2009. A battery recently at Rual King for $69 group 27 RV/Marine Deep Cycle to replace the old one I had from Advanced Auto. Both CB and 2M radios run long hours for listening. I can get 3 days fo...

by maverick01
Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 19:05 PM
Topic: 38lsb trainwreck
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Re: 38lsb trainwreck

Back when I used to camp on 38 USB and other than upstairs you seldom hear anybody on the upper side. Why? Not sure really. USB since it's been around is the quietest mode of all. Seldom used in America. Canada and England use it frequently. Thus, any DXing on USB is a hoot reaching a contact this ...